De thi LQD mon Anh nam hoc 2005-2006 (Phan 2)

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De thi LQD mon Anh nam hoc 2005-2006 (Phan 2)

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9. Nowadays it ___ cost a fortune to own a powerful computer.
a. hasn’t to b. needs not c.doesn’t have to d. musn’t
10. The building ___ the earthquake but then___ by a fire.
a. was survived…destroyed b. survived…was destroyed
c. survived…destroyed d. was survived… was destroyed
11. When I asked what was wrong,___.
a. I was explained the problem b. he explained me the problem
c. the problem was explained to me d. All are correct
12. You don’t object___ late tonight, do you?
a. to working b. to work c. work d. working
13. He asked where he ___put the box.
a. shall b. ought to c. will d. should have
14. The government has introduced___.
a. a children’s clothes tax b. a tax on children clothes
c. a children clothes tax d. a tax on children’s clothes
15. ___ the furniture___arrive yet.
a. None…has b. None…have c. None of…has d. None of…have
16. Following the flood, ___in the area___major repair work.
a. each of building… need b. every building…needs
c. every building…need d. each buildings…need
17. ___ to Athens during the vacation
a. All they are going b. They are all going
c. They all are going d. They are going all
18. ___ by the boy’s behaviou, she complained to the head teacher.
a. She annoyed b. Annoyed c. She was annoyed d. Annoying
19. The scheme allows students from many countries to communicate___.
a. each other b. with each other c. themselves d. one another
20. He is a____. a. capable of taking difficult decisions manager.
b. manager capable of taking difficult decisions.
c. capable manager of taking difficult decisions.
d. manager capable to take difficult decisions.
21. Sharks are single-minded, and will usually ignore rescuers.
a. are selfish b. are cruel
c. concentrate on only one purpose/aim… d. attack suddenly
22. I have vague recollection from my childhood of that haunted castle.
a. souvenir b. memory c. experience d. opinion
23. There’s a shuttle bus to the nearby airport hotel.
a. bus with air-conditioners b. bus that travel regularly between two places
c. bus that travels overnight c. bus which looks like a shuttle.
24. I was on my own a lot when I grew up in London.
a. free b.alone c.sick d. uncommited
25. Young people should always think twice before having anything as permanent as a tattoo.
a. think two times b. change their mind c. think carefully d.meditate
26. Keep___ on oil or fat on the cooker.
a. close eye b. your eyes close c. a closed eye d. a close eye
27. The doctor insisted that his patient___.
a. that he not work too hard for 3 months. b. take it easy for 3 months
b. take it easy inside of 3 month d. to take some vacations for 3 months
28. Attitudes____ between two extremes.
a. vary greatly to animals b. greatly vary animals
c. to animals vary greatly d. greatly to animals vary
29. Mast eggs are produces by battery hens___.
a. kept in similar conditions b. to preserve in similar conditions
c. to keep in similar conditions d. greatly to animals vary
30. They closed the area___.
a. to public b. to the public c. to the public people d. against the public
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