Not That Bad - Lazee Dolls

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Not That Bad - Lazee Dolls

Bài gửi  boy_nice on Sat Apr 21, 2007 12:39 pm

[url] Doll - Not_That_Bad.wma[/url]

Wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, try to love my face
Loneliness and emptiness zwhat i'm feeling inside, and I can't hide away

Last night Jesus came to me, closely to me, why don't you take me away
And all of these marks, I have on my arm, can they ever be erased?

*Thank God, giving me this good looking face just don't know the way to
love it watching blood running out of my vein ooh it's good, the sorrow
runs out

Thank God, giving me this wonderful life just don't know the way to live it so come get close and taste me till I die

what's it like? cuz i've got some bad disease the fume is everywhere in my lungs flows deep inside, outside, inside

Rescue me from the chain of life mama, will you be there when I'm gone?

I wanna fly away, I wanna fly away I'm not a bad girl, I'm not a bad girl I wanna fly away, I'm not a bad girl

I wanna fly away, I'm not a bad girl....[

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