Tieu thuyet tinh` yeu(love story)

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Tieu thuyet tinh` yeu(love story)

Bài gửi  khoa123 on Sat Jun 23, 2007 9:48 pm

Part 2
Izumi's Story

Journey of the Heart
A Contemporary Romance by Judith Bronte

Izumi Mizukio's name in Japanese means, "beautiful fountain of pure water." And it's no wonder, for her eyes are so blue that they put the sea to shame. Finding little kindness within her troubled home in Japan, Izumi timidly works to earn her mother's love. When her Japanese father commits suicide because of gambling debts, Izumi's American mother takes her to Three Mile Bay, in upstate New York. There, Izumi's loneliness is overwhelmed by John Johannes, a striking young man who falls deeply in love with her. Now she must find the courage to return John's love, even at the vehement disapproval of her mother.
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Học sinh đã quen với lớp trường

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