Tieu thuyet tinh` yeu(love story)

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Tieu thuyet tinh` yeu(love story)

Bài gửi  khoa123 on Sat Jun 23, 2007 9:50 pm

Part 3
Come Pass By
A Contemporary Romance by Judith Bronte

Hannah Anderson works for one of the ten most wealthy men in America. On her way to work each day, she waits at a stop light on the corner of a busy city, giving spare change to the panhandler who is stationed there. This is Daniel, and what no one knows, is that Daniel is desperately in love with Hannah. He doesn't dare show any sign of emotion, for he is acutely aware of his poverty, and detests the thought of Hannah feeling sorry for him. Under the beard and faded blue jacket, is an attractive, sensitive man, whom everyone passes by. As events unfold, Rebecca must choose between a pauper who can look into her soul, and a king who knows only power and greed.
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Học sinh đã quen với lớp trường

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